Download Winamp Rotation Clock (1.0.1), a scheduler for low budget radioautomation

It's beta (1.07),let me know what you think of it.

It's freeware, but......, when using it for (internet)radio i'd like to receive the url of the page which contains jingles of y're station.

If you have any questions post it.

Playlist Builder

  • Program:
    • Reset: Resets all
    • Exit: Exits the program
  • Format:
    • Reload format: Reloads the current format
    • Save format: Saves the current format
    • Open format: Opens a new format
    • Append format: Append format to the current format
  • Playlist:
    • Don't randomize: Add files alphabetically
    • Use artistseparation: Ignore same artist within 30 tracks, except if length less then 60 secs
    • Use drivechange: Upon save substitute driveletters
    • Use whitelist: Only include files in whitelist
    • Use blacklist: Exclude files in blacklist
    • Combine playlists: Merge multiple playlists to one
    • Build playlist: Builds the playlist
    • Save playlist: Save the playlist
  • Mask: Mask of files to use
  • Add : Add a new directory or song to the list
  • Copy: Copy selected directory or song
  • Delete: Delete selected directory or song
  • Up: Move selected directory or song up the list
  • Down: Move selected directory or song down the list
  • Save: Save format or playlist
  • Length: The playlist length
  • Build: Builds the Playlist

Doubleclick in playlist shows extra information !

You can use the .plb fileassociation ("Open with") !

Length of playlist depends on the way the player uses overlap/crossfading !

Blacklist/Whitelist example:
;playlistbuilder blacklistfile blah blah ........(remarks)
;use only filename (without path !)

Drivechangefile example:
;playlistbuilder drivechangefile blah blah ........(remarks)

Download Playlistbuilder
Download Wclock a Winamp scheduler,low budget radioautomation

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